AASHTO Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)

AASHTO Liaison(s):

Shayne Gill, Program Director for Multimodal Transportation
Council on Public Transportation
Phone#: (202) 624-3630

MTAP Technical Initiatives Forum

The MTAP Steering Committee has a Technical Initiatives Working Group and its purpose is to establish a list of educational and programming issues/topics for members. MTAP members vote on the priorities for the entire year. MTAP will highlight these issues/topics during discussions on the monthly steering committee conference call and for quarterly webinars.

The MTAP Technical Initiatives Forum is the official brand of these sessions and the list of issues/topics changes can change every year.  On this webpage, MTAP will post the information (agendas, webinar recordings, and other presentation materials) from the Technical Initiative Forum for future use by members and others. MTAP also hosts the 5310/5311 Program Managers Forum and on this website visitors can find an archive of those online forums. However, please note that MTAP Technical Initiatives related to Transit Asset Management and Safety will be posted on their respective pages on the MTAP website.

Feel free to contact Richard Price  or by phone at (202) 624-5813 with any questions about the information and materials on this web page.

April 15, 2021

Forum on States Coordinating Transit Access for COVID-19 Vaccinations, co-hosted by the Council on Public Transportation & MTAP

March 18, 2021

Successful Strategies for Multimodal-Transit Inclusion in Statewide Transportation Planning

July 29, 2020

Creating a State Procurement Portal within National RTAP’s ProcurementPRO Application

May 13, 2020

Vehicle Specifications Webinar – Co-hosted by MTAP and National RTAP

March 27, 2020

Council on Public Transportation & MTAP Webinar on COVID-19 Emergency Relief Legislation & Future Economic Stimulus Package

February 7, 2020

Joint MTAP-CTAA WebinarHow National Urbanization Trends Will Affect Rural Transit Funding and “Trending Urban” Transit Systems in Georgia and the Nation after the 2020 Census

February 22, 2019

Webinar – Doing A Cooperative Procurement and The Future It Presents