AASHTO Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)

AASHTO Liaison(s):

Richard Price, Program Specialist
Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)
Phone #: (202) 624-5813

Shayne Gill, Program Director for Multimodal Transportation
Council on Public Transportation
Phone#: (202) 624-3630

Travel, Technical Resources and Training

In this section, MTAP members can find information and links to help with travel (using MTAP’s Networking Fund), technical resources and training opportunities.

Other resources provided for MTAP members and state DOTs include:

FTA State Program Oversight Consultant Review Survey – The Federal Transit Administration is trying to improve its oversight review of state transit program activities, including its oversight of the consultants hired to complete reviews. As a result, FTA and MTAP have developed this survey to allow MTAP to discuss their experiences with FTA’s various oversight reviews (SMRs, Financial, Drug and Alcohol, etc.) and the performance of the FTA reviewers during this process.  If your state was recently the recipient of a FTA Compliance review, please take 15-20 minutes and complete an evaluation of your review.

FTA 101 Training Module – an online basic training session for MTAP members, their new employees or those staff in need of a refresher course about the history, background and functions of the Federal Transit Administration as it relates to the work of transit managers in a state department of transportation.  The module is designed to help staff understand the following:

  • How was FTA established;
  • What are the many applicable modes of public transportation;
  • What is the role of FTA and its primary responsibilities;
  • How is FTA funded;
  • How FTA funds public transportation, such as states and subrecipients; and
  • What is FTA’s oversight of public transportation.

MTAP’s Technical Assistance Directory – a helpful database of contacts of state departments of transportation involved in MTAP, searchable by state and areas of responsibility and functionality.