AASHTO Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)

AASHTO Liaison
Richard Price, Program Specialist
Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)
Phone #: (202) 624-5813

Shayne Gill, Program Director for Multimodal Transportation
Council on Public Transportation
Phone#: (202) 624-3630

MTAP Sponsored Course and Training Opportunities

Fundamentals of Public Transportation Course

MTAP partners with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the National Rural Transit Assistance Program to bring multiple training programs to the state DOTs, including the Fundamentals of Public Transportation course. Through UWM the Fundamentals of Public Transportation course is offered on-line or can be taught for one state or for multiple states in a region.

What does the course cover?
History of Transit; Benefits of Public Transit; Role of Government in the Provision of Transit; Important Transit Legislation; Demographics of Transit Riders; Operational, Planning and Management Facts and Methods; the Importance of Marketing; Transit and Its Role in Multimodalism and Transportation Innovations; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Its Influence on the Provision of Transit Service

If you would like to plan a PT 101 course, here’s some useful information to help you plan for the course:

• Contact the MTAP Coordinator to schedule the class, time, location, date, and number of attendees (20 student maximum).
• Instructor fee for the course is $5,686 per class plus travel and per diem. Class material is $65 per person. All food costs are additional.
• Host states have the option to charge a fee for participants from outside their state group.
• Host state is asked to provide audio-visual equipment, catering, and other materials as needed.
• Assist UWM in conducting a course evaluation.

To schedule a Fundamentals of Public Transportation class, please contact Richard Price.

Richard Price
Program Specialist, MTAP

444 N. Capitol Street NW,
Suite 249
Washington, DC 20001
TEL: (202) 624-5813
Ken Woodall
UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education Center of Transportation Education and Development
161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 6000
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Tel: (414) 227-3332

Fundamental Financial Management Training for Rural and Small Urban Public Transit Providers Course

The Financial Management training course is designed for rural and small urban directors/manager or those responsible for the financial management of their transportation programs. In addition, individuals responsible for grant accounting, general organizational accounting, revenue tabulation, and performance reporting will also benefit from the course. This course was developed in partnership by National RTAP and AASHTO’s MTAP Program.

What does the course cover?
• Budget Process
• Revenue and Cash Management
• Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation
• Audits and Cost Allocation
• Financial Reporting

Useful information for hosting the Financial Management Course:
• Plan for a course with 7-8 hours of instruction
• Optimal class size is 30-35 students
• The host is responsible for AV equipment, meeting facilities, and food.
• The host has the option of producing the course materials.

Typical cost for a course is $5,000 if consultant provides material printing and $4000 if host state provides the material printing.

To schedule a Fundamentals of Public Transportation course, please complete the following request form and return it to Richard Price at rprice@aashto.org.