AASHTO Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)

AASHTO Liaison(s):

Shayne Gill, Program Director for Multimodal Transportation
Council on Public Transportation
Phone#: (202) 624-3630

Transit Asset Management

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued the Transit Asset Management (TAM) final rule and a notice finalizing the expansion of the National Transit Database asset inventory reporting requirements in July 2016.  The TAM rule requires FTA grantees to develop asset management plans for their public transportation assets, including vehicles, facilities, equipment, and other infrastructure. A considerable amount of information is available on FTA’s website about TAM, including the draft Guidebook to determine facility conditions and the Asset Management Guide (and template) for small providers.

With an understanding of the complexities of implementing the final TAM Rule, the MTAP Steering Committee is assisting state DOTs through in-person and online technical assistance workshops for MTAP members. This effort will allow MTAP members to share their expertise and experiences in implementing the final TAM rule.

On this webpage, the MTAP will provide access to the information and materials to assist members with TAM implementation, especially the information and materials used during the workshops.

MTAP-FTA Joint Webinar (March 13, 2020)

MTAP-FTA Joint Webinar (March 22, 2019)

Discussion Questions – Poll Results

  1. What type of TAM plan did your agency complete?
  2. Has TAM changed your way of communicating with sub recipients?
  3. If TAM changed your way of communicating with sub recipients, how has it changed?
  4. Has TAM changed your use of technology?
  5. If TAM changed your use of technology, how has it changed?
  6. During TAM plan development, how was the process of coordinating with highway asset management groups?
  7. Were there data exchanges with highway asset management groups during TAM plan development?
  8. If data were exchanged with highway asset management groups, how were data shared?
  9. For those with little-to-no coordination with highways, are there plans to change this moving forward?

Workshop/Webinar – State DOT Update (March 14, 2018)

Discussion Questions – Poll Results

  1. How would you estimate your progress toward completing your TAM Plan?
  2. How many of your Tier II providers have opted out of your group plan?
  3. If providers are preparing individual plans, how do you maintain consistency across condition assessments?
  4. If you are preparing a group plan, how do you involve your sub-recipients in setting targets?
  5. For your group plan, who is conducting your vehicle condition ratings?
  6. For group plans, who assesses the condition of facilities and equipment?
  7. How are you setting Useful Life Benchmarks (ULB) for your group TAM plan?
  8. Once done, what influence will your TAM plan have on resource allocation toward SGR (rolling stock, facilities, equipment)?
  9. How do you expect your TAM plan to influence group plan participant (sub-recipient) resource allocation?
  10. How have tribes engaged in the statewide TAM planning process?
  11. To what degree do you consult or communicate with your MPO/RPA’s in developing your TAM targets?

Workshop Handouts  – Winter Meeting (November 16, 2017)

Spring Workshop Webinar (March 8, 2017)

Discussion Questions – Poll Results

  1. Do you currently have state-of-good repair targets?
  2. For revenue and service vehicles, did/will you use the following:
  3. When you set your initial SGR targets, did you have information on the condition for all of your sub-recipients’ facilities?
  4. If NO, how will you obtain that information? Most state DOTs are expected to approach this one of three ways.
  5. If you answered NO, when do you think you will have this information for all facilities?
  6. Have you looked at FTA’s Facility Condition Assessment Guide and will you consider using it?
  7. How will you or did you involve plan participants in initial target setting?
  8. How much do you anticipate your SGR targets will change when you do this again in 2018?
  9. Have you started to discuss the new FTA NTD inventory requirements (new as of last July) for your sub-recipients?
  10. Does your state plan to reach out to MPOs to discuss the new rules?
  11. How will your state’s MPOs work together with urban transit agencies on target setting, TAM plans and project prioritization?
  12. Are (will) you or your rural sub-recipients working with RPAs on the TAM Plan, Project prioritization and Initial target setting?
  13. Are you interacting with state DOT staff responsible for STIP development regarding the rules?

Workshop Handouts – Winter Meeting (November 30, 2016)

Other Helpful Materials